The Muse Of Yeats 2017

The Muse Of Yeats festival 2017 will take place at Rossnaree House on weekend October 7-8, hosted by Aisling Law - the great granddaughter of Maud Gonne.

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“All good poets…compose their beautiful poems not by art, but because they are inspired and possessed by the Muse who speaks through them.” Plato 

Yeats never got over Maud Gonne. Over his life, nine women became his muse, several of them were his lovers, and one was his wife. But for 40 years, Maud Gonne was the muse he never quite possessed.

This festival celebrates the life of Maud Gonne and two other women who became his muses. Aisling and several family members, including Imogen Stuart, Ireland's foremost sculptor, will reminisce about Maud Gonne - revealing the secret world of one of Ireland's most revolutionary activists.

The exciting programme on Saturday includes intimate poetry readings and discussions by renowned Yeatsian scholars, authors and artists. Sabina Higgins is a patron of the event. Authors Joseph Hassett and Adrian Paterson will discuss two other muses who powerfully influenced the poet.

Guests will also enjoy live music and a unique exhibition of previously unseen artwork and albums by Maud Gonne from the family archives - presented by Iseult White, great granddaughter of Major John Mcbride and Maud Gonne.

Saturday evening will end in a candlelit dinner with theatrical performances.

There is a full programme on Saturday. Watch this space for the complete programme. Tours of the special exhibition will be open between 11h00 and 17h00 on Sunday. 

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