Rossnaree House


The Rossnaree Fishery is made up of about 3.5 miles of fishing on both banks of the River Boyne between Slane and Drogheda. 

With parts of the fishery constructed by the Cistercians of Mellifont, Rossnaree Fishery has roots in the 12th century. Fishing on this historic land offers a tranquil and rewarding experience for a serious angler or novice alike.

With recent bans on drift nets and a catch and release policy for salmon, salmon numbers are steadily increasing on the Boyne, with very strong runs showing in the last 5 years. The Boyne also has healthy stocks of brown trout with specimens to 7.5 lbs caught on our beat in 2012, and a large run of sea trout.

Below the house is about half a mile of undisturbed and unpressurised fishing reserved for guests and visitors at Rossnaree, while about 3 miles of the fishery is currently fished by clubs and syndicates from which day passes can be arranged upon request.

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